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Julian Bakery

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Julian BakeryJulian Bakery, a natural, healthful bakery in the heart of La Jolla, CA, is customers’ favorite source for delicious, organic breads. At the Bakery, customers know they can count on tasty, nutritious treats, available not just at the Bakery but at local health food stores.

In addition, Julian Breads ship worldwide – whether you’re overseas or on the other side of the continent, you can enjoy fresh-baked, promptly shipped healthy bread.

“Our Bakery is a great place for customers to find healthy solutions to their problems,” says Barbara Squier, the Bakery’s founder. “They know they can count on great taste, prompt delivery and – best of all – reliable health value. Whether you’re gluten-insensitive, diabetic, allergic to dairy or just looking for a better bread, we have something here for you.”

You are a miracle worker. To make a low carb bread is a miracle. I love it and can’t get enough of it. I am a big bread eater and you solved my dilemma. I lost 40 pounds going on a low carb diet and had to give up bread. Then I found you. Thank you so much. Your raisin bread is to die for. I can now enjoy my meals with your bread. Thank you Thank you Thank you – You are the best!!!” – Linda W., Highland CA

Fresh Bread, Fresh Insight

Barbara Squier, the California-bred nutritionist who started the Bakery, works along with her dedicated staff to give you the healthy bread you crave. She loves solving challenges and inventing new organic recipes that taste delicious. If Barbara could have one wish, she would give everyone in the world the opportunity to taste quality organic baked goods.

“My mission is bringing organic bread to the world,” says Barbara. “I’m delighted to be able to ship our stone-ground, low-carb, gluten-free baked goods to such a variety of customers.  Bread is a common thread among diverse cultures. If you’re not able to eat fresh bread, you’re missing a vital part of the human experience.”

“Please never stop making your wonderful Smart Carb Bread! Almost had given up hope for a good (let alone GREAT) tasting low carb bread option. Found your bread today at Cafe Buongiorno in Raleigh. First thing when I got home…toasted a slice and went WOW! Called the Cafe to have them hold 4 more to pickup the next day! Thrilled to be able to stay on a low carb diet and still enjoy bread! Thank You…Thank You!!”  — Vickie Shue, Raleigh, NC

Barbara works hard to ensure that all her customers remain satisfied with their organic bread purchases. The beauty of organic bread, Barbara explains, reaches far beyond its health benefits. “Humans have been relying on bread for thousands of years,” she says. “It truly is ‘the staff of life’. What better way to support and celebrate life than by going back to the roots of the age-old organic tradition?”

“I found Julian Bakery bread online when searching for gluten free/sugar free sprouted bread. This is my second order and I am a customer for life! Your bread tastes amazing, I have used it in a variety of ways including dipping in soup, toasted and topped with cream cheese lox and capers, and yesterday I made french toast with it. I can also say that I feel better when eating it, I get tons of fiber and protein.” – Cheryl F.

The Quality Customers Love

Every loaf of Julian Bread is carefully designed to include the full complement of amino acids (the building blocks of life) in each slice. The Bakery grinds its grains in an old-fashioned stone mill to ensure the very freshest flour. “Think about the goodness of fresh-ground coffee,” says Barbara. “Fresh-ground flour is the same idea!”

If you want organically-grown grain without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, you’ve come to the right bakery. Just like yogurt, Barbara’s sourdough yeast breads are cultured, providing easily-digested nutrients and re-populating the friendly flora in your intestinal tract. Every delicious treat at the Bakery is safe for young children to enjoy.

“I just wanted to say how much I love your breads! My 13-year-old daughter even loves it – I very rarely get her to eat breads, unless it’s white and bad for you! My whole family loves French toast made with the Cinnamon Raisin bread, it’s absolutely delightful, and I haven’t had French toast in a long time) I’m so glad I found out about your bakery and can incorporate breads into my daily life again!”  — Sandi J. (Centerville, UT)

Great Taste at Julian Bakery

At the Bakery, quality bread comes first. As Barbara and her staff research new recipes, they select the highest-quality organic seeds, nuts and grains for the stone-grinding process. “Our slow-cultured bread is full of amino acids and complex carbohydrates,” says Barbara. “We know our customers appreciate the time we take to bring them the healthiest bread possible.”

“A comment on your magnificent Smart Carb 2….. has an amazing delicious cinnamon raisin taste. I cannot believe it does NOT taste like cardboard. This is truly the most nutritious bread we have ever eaten. Please keep producing this wonderful bread – -it is our life saver, truly.” — John M. (Temecula, CA)

Barbara loves to satisfy her customers!  She feels that she has fulfilled her personal mission when people walk out of the Bakery delighted with their tasty, organic bread. “People think that health food should taste bad,” says Barbara. “What a misconception! The best healthy treats taste extra good because they’re crafted from delicious organic ingredients. That’s the vision I want to bring to you.”

Julian Bakery: Convenience Customers Love

Julian Bakery is the perfect source for delicious organic bread, whether you want to buy it directly from the Bakery, pick it up at a local health food store, or order it online and have it delivered straight to your door. Customers love Julian Bakery bread for more than its convenience, though. At Julian Bakery, you’ll surely find the healthy, mouth-watering treat you’ve been craving.

For more info or to contact Julian Bakery, please visit http://www.julianbakery.com.

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Awesome bread!

Aug 10, 2012 by Paul Hammel

I happened across Julian Bakery the other day. Awesome bread!!!
Brought two loafs home to make sandwiches for the family!

Good tasting healthy bread

Jul 02, 2012 by Jonah Matthews

Thanks to Julian Bakery for being my source for healthy breads!

I've been a long time white bread eater because i never liked the "healthier" breads and the way they taste. My wife came home the other day with the smart carb bread...she made me try some and I have to say that I was really pleased! My eyes have been opened!! I guess I'll be eating healthier sandwiches now thanks to my insistent wife and the great breads at Julian Bakery!

The Carb Zero bread is delicious!

Jun 20, 2012 by John S.

I recently discovered Julian Bakery's awesome breads. I work late hours and find myself too tired to cook when I get home. I usually will eat a sandwich but in the past had to deal with going to bed with a stomach full of carbs! Now my nightime carb intake is drastically reduced and the carb zero bread tastes great! Thanks Julian Bakery!

5.0 5.0 3 3 I happened across Julian Bakery the other day. Awesome bread!!!Brought two loafs home to make sandwiches for the family! Julian Bakery