10th Jul2012

Julian Bakery: Following the Paleo Diet

Julian BakeryWill following a diet inspired by foods people are thought to have eaten during the Paleolithic age help you lose weight and lead a longer life? Those who follow the Paleo diet think so. This diet cuts out foods made with grains and foods containing any dairy products. You might think that a place like Julian Bakery wouldn’t have anything to offer a person on the Paleo diet. The bakery has risen to the challenge to produce a line of breads specifically for people who have gone Paleo.

The Problem With Grains

Whole grains contain plenty of fiber and other nutrients to fuel a person and keep him healthy. Refined grains are a different situation entirely, though. When a person eats a diet that is high in refined grains, such as white flour and starches, his risk for disease like type 2 diabetes spikes. He is also at risk for obesity and heart problems.

The Paleo diet completely cuts grains out of the picture. People in prehistoric times did not eat grains, as they predated the development of agriculture. Instead, people following the Paleo diet get their fiber from vegetables and nuts.

Foods for a Paleo Diet

A lot of foods are allowed on the Paleo diet, notes the team at Julian Bakery. Animal based foods such as beef, fish and eggs are encouraged. Ideally, a person should eat lean cuts of meat so that he does not consume too much fat.

When it comes to plant based foods, a person on the Paleo diet should think of foraging. Any vegetables, seeds and fruits that can be gathered easily can be eaten. If the food requires cultivating and agriculture, it needs to be avoided.

Julian Bakery: Paleo Breads

Our bakery is proud to offer breads designed specifically for people on the Paleo diet. In place of the standard wheat or other grain-based flour, the breads use nut flour. One bread contains almond flour and another coconut flour. As the benefits of yeast were not yet discovered in the Paleolithic age, the breads are yeast-free. They rely on a reaction between vinegar and baking soda for leavening.

Julian Bakery is pleased to offer tasty breads that meet people’s dietary needs. The Paleo bread from Julian Bakery is perfect for preparing a Paleo sandwich or enjoying as toast. Julian Bakery’s Paleo bread is also ideal for people on a gluten free or low carb diet.

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